Wow, Karen, what would we girls have done without you?
Karen is the person you want as you get ready for your wedding day. I'm so glad that we had her.

I wanted my wedding day prep to be laid back, fun, and free of stress. Thanks to a good friend of the family, we had the perfect home to get ready in. Karen spoiled my mom, my matron of honor, and me. And, with the little extra time...she fixed up my flower girl and spoiled our hostess too! Everything was done right on time (talk about stress free)! She was so fun to just share stories with, really makes those 4 hours go by fast. She had a plan of makeup and hair prep that allowed us girls to rotate, so we didn't have to stay in one spot (aka the makeup chair) for very long.

She's fun and so easy to work with, I can't believe it. You want that little piece of hair curled the other way? No problem. Something doesn't feel quite right with your fake eyelashes? Let's trim them and try again. The makeup matched perfectly, the eye makeup was exactly like I wanted...and the best part is, I didn't have to tell her very much to make it all happen perfectly. I didn't want to be a typical dew-drop bride (where everything glitters and shines), that's just not me. Karen found the perfect combination of makeup to make me feel like it was my style, I was in my comfort zone, and that would be the way it showed in the pictures too.

I need another reason to get all dolled up again...and when I find one, you can bet I'll see if Karen can be there!