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Half Day Rate up to 5 hours includes kit rental $350.00
Full Day Rate up to 12 hours includes kit rental $650.00

*There is a $50 charge for appointments that start earlier than 8 am or after 6 pm
Wedding Half Day Rate up to 5 people, two artist minimum $700.00
Wedding Full Day Rate up to 10 people, two artist minimum, $1300.00

Wedding Hair and Makeup
***Trial Run 75.00 ******Highly recommended if time permits*************
These prices do not apply to Bride and can be discounted depending number of makes per event.
$110 per person This includes basic styles or updo, makeup application, veil or tiara placement
Artificial Eyelashes add $5
Airbrush Makeup add $20
Extra Long and Full Hair add $25 (this is to be determined by the stylist)
Extension Placement add $25 (we do not supply extensions but can custom make with prior notification)
Tattoo Cover add $10 to $30 depending on size of tattoo
Wedding Hair Only $55 to $125
Wedding Makeup Only $55 to $125

Other Services
Airbrush Makeup Face $100.00
Body *consult is required*
Basic Beauty Makeup $65.00
Body Makeup (not airbrushed) $150.00 and up
Male Makeup $30.00 to $75.00
Children’s Makeup $25 to $75.00 *for birthday parties, quinceanera, proms call for quote*
Hair and Makeup for Photo Shoots $125.00 minimum for 2 looks *2.5 hours
$250.00 for up to 4 looks *4.0 hours
TV, Film, Corporate, Convention, Production
*see half and full day rates or call for quote*
Artificial Eyelashes $5.00 per pair
Makeup Instruction $50 per hour, 2 hour minimum

Because everyone's needs are special to their occasion please, call for rates and fees.