Karen is The Karaoke Queen. She started her singing career via karaoke through competitions and open mic nights.


“Karaoke is a fun way to express yourself,” stated Karen. “I have met the most interesting people at karaoke, doctors, businesses people, lawyers, all kinds, you name it.” Karen has entered hundreds of karaoke contest, and because of that she has seen good show and bad. With all this knowledge and her fun personality it was only natural that Karen became a K.J. (Karaoke Jockey) and hosts some of the most entertaining and high energy shows in O.C..

Who: Karen Cobb / Kacey Productions karaoke show


What: This karaoke show is portable and self contained, it is perfect for small parties and large events.


Karen brings the total equipment and provides the music all you provide is the karaoke singers and an electrical outlet.


Where: This Karaoke show has been performed weekly for the past 8 years at various clubs in O.C., L.A. and Riverside County as well at private parties and events.

Below is a list of some of Karen’s past & present clients


The services provided by Kacey production are as follows:


Karen has 2 complete karaoke systems, which break down as the following;


#1 Is for larger events, this includes over 3,000-song library, 3 microphones, dance music played in-between songs, and 2 K.J.s that will perform group songs and entertain the guests. A karaoke system with one monitor, or if possible monitors made from other TV's provided by the event coordinator.


#2 This system is ideal for home parties and smaller events, it consists of a small P.A. system, 3-tray karaoke player, 3 microphones, monitor/ and hook up to a T.V. which is used as a monitor, and a 1000-song karaoke library, with some of the most current song selections. 2 K.J.s to entertain and encourage your guest to take part in the Karaoke as well as play dance music in-between songs.


#3 For a more extravagant party, you will have all the perks of the #2 package and in addition we can add a variety show with 2 or 3 singers to start the events, and / or a complete D.J. set-up, including lights.


Past and present clients- buffalo wild wings,

Cabo Catania Santa Monica, Velvet Lounge Santa Ana