Karen Cobb's latest Album - Where it Begins
Karen Cobb does it again with her latest album "Where it Begins." Featuring Karen's unique ability to write, produce and sing her original works. "Where it Begins" consists of six original songs and four covers of classics done her distinct way with a mix of Jazz, Pop, Funk, Gospel and Rock.

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Karen Cobb is an award winning singer, songwriter and producer who just released her much-anticipated third album "Where it Begins". Karen's style is a fusion of Pop, R&B, Jazz and Hip Hop. Her previous CD's "Happy" and "It's All About Me" displayed her signature approach to singing and performing. Now part of the MAV Records family, Karen and her fans can look forward to her music reaching new levels.

Over the years Karen has won hundreds of singing competitions and titles including, Orange County Entertainer of the Year.

Through her many Hollywood connections, Karen has also had the opportunity to meet many of her idols and other celebrities including Aretha Franklin, Smokey Robinson and Pattie La Belle, each has been very supportive of Karen's career.

Earlier this year, Karen also conceived and produced a television pilot. She is currently seeking distribution for the reality program that focuses on the struggles and successes of an up and coming diva.

As a singer, songwriter and producer who performs in clubs throughout the Southern California area, her singing style is a fusion of Pop, R&B, Jazz, Hip-Hop & even Country. Karen has always taken pleasure in working a crowd. Her debut C.D. "Happy" showed everyone how she could blend these singing styles into one signature approach, but her follow up C.D. "It's All About Me" delivered this style to the next level. Currently Karen's third studio album, 'Where It Begins..." has gotten great reviews. Her hot single "Issues" is being showcased in the feature film, Nudity Required.

Karen Cobb, born in Bellflower, California, has always shown a love for singing. At the age of five she started singing in church, then in school and at every family gathering took center stage by entertaining with songs or speeches (that she wrote herself). At the age of seventeen Karen was accepted to the America Academy of Dramatic Arts (AADA) where she studied acting and musical theater. After completing her courses at AADA, Karen decided to focus more on her singing.

Being inspired by Bonnie Raitt, Whitney Houston, Billie Holiday and others, Karen taught herself how to deliver popular songs. Because of her theatrical training, Karen has the gift of conveying the true meaning of any song she sings. Karen was able to hone her gifts while helping worthwhile charities and organizations; she has been the featured performer for many community events and AIDS benefits.

Karen's training was not just through classes and workshops, but through competition. Karen, in the past years, has won hundreds of talent and singing contests and over two dozen awards and titles, including the Orange County Entertainer of the Year. When asked what does she gets out of competing? Karen replied with a smile, "When I started singing it was hard for me to get a real honest opinion, and when I did I sometimes did not understand what they saw that needed improvement. Contests have allowed me to perform 100% and helped me gage the growth of my talent by wins and losses. It also helped me learn from incredible performers and singers. Watching these entertainers that are seasoned and experienced inspired me to do more with my act and taught me how to truly sell a song, any song, in three minutes."

Karen Cobb has had the pleasure of performing with great musicians, such as Kevin Flournoy (who co-produced Big Mountain) and was the opening act for Lainie Kazan (of the movie Beaches and The Nanny fame). Karen is a rarity; she is a gifted and versatile singer/ performer who makes an intimate connection with her audience. Karen has performed with Jeff Harris Company (a five-piece band), with T.N.T. (an acoustic duo), created a cabaret Diva show that has been showcased at numerous venues in O.C., L.A. & Riverside Counties.

Karen has also been part of a duo with pianist Johnny English and is so talented that she performs a one-woman show to prerecorded tracks. Karen also has an incredible song list, which allows her to pick the best songs for the room.

After the release of her C.D., Karen is currently promoting herself through live venues and producing variety shows that are performed in the Southern California area. These shows feature not only her but seasoned veterans as well as up and coming talent.

When asked the question what drives Karen Cobb? She answered; "The main thing to me is to be a great tool for God, by giving back to the world what he has given me. I feel blessed to have been given the chance to express myself not only as a singer, but also as a songwriter. I pray that whatever I do in my life will help someone enjoy their life more."